Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clueless Musician or How Did I Get Here And Why Am I Sitting In Front Of A Piano?

I volunteer as a pianist for my church's children's group, ages 3-12. I LOVE volunteering with the children. I enjoy listening to their thoughts, comments and questions as they learn about Jesus. Some comments make me wonder if there are old people in those little bodies, other comments cause me to hide behind the upright piano and laugh.

Which brings me to my post's title. There is a lot of music each Sunday, I would guess 45-50 minutes. While I am very comfortable playing nearly all the songs in the youth music book, sometimes something terrible happens.

I have spoken with other musicians and know it happens to them as well. I will be sitting at the piano, playing along and then my brain starts asking questions. What song am I playing? I know how to play the piano?? When did that happen? What is a key signature? What is an accidental? I read music?

Then as quickly as it came, the feeling departs, leaving an auditory scorched earth with snickering children, sympathetic adults and a stunned pianist.

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  1. It happens to me when I start getting too comfortable (Is this a curse?) and begin to think about something else as I play.