Thursday, October 4, 2007

Who's afraid of the big bad . . . goose??

ME! ME! ME! Fortunately, it was behind a fence. Just sitting there, honking and squawking at me. I was in the road on my bike. I was so amused to see a goose, I stopped. My stopping triggered its guard response. Those little, squatty orange legs moved that "cute" goose to the fence at warp speed. HONK! SQUAWK! repeat, repeat. It kept making tons of noise until I was far from its house. I am afraid of loose dogs while cycling, but I can't imagine meeting up with a loose goose!

Where I rode today: Orem

Sounds: mad goose, kids at school playground, man in yard telling me my bright yellow jacket will keep me from getting hit by a car

Smells: breakfast being cooked-yum!

Sights: gargoyles, a large trash bag spider with red plastic cup eyes, a wonderful Gary Price bronze in an otherwise unlandscaped front yard, a couple enjoying breakfast on their side patio, a soda pop machine built as part of a fence (put your fence to work!), changing leaves, beautiful yards

Felt: The south wind picking up with an approaching storm.

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