Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday Ride

This morning I rode around west-central Orem. As a councilmember, I like to ride through Orem's neighborhoods. In a car, I can only see the neighborhood. On a bicycle, I can hear, smell, touch and see it. Little kids were on front porches. A lunchbox carrying man appeared to be returning home from the graveyard shift. One lady was decking out her yard in Halloween attire. On the way home, I saw she had the inflatables going. There are pumpkins, straw, corn stalks, gourds and scarecrows on front porches. I heard the dogs parking and could smell someone's good cooking.

Today's neighborhoods had a lot of housing built for those who came to Orem to work at Geneva Steel. These homes are 50+ years old and are in a variety of conditions. Just a block away are new single family homes and a block away are condos. I like seeing the variety. In my own neighborhood, I live in a 30 year old home, but next door and across the street are homes built within the last 15 years. There are condos just a couple of blocks away too.

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