Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday's Ride

It was a beautiful fall morning as I set out on my daily jaunt around an Orem neighborhood.

Where: Orem 400-800 East and 400-800 South, plus getting there and SCERA Park. What a cute, well-kept neighborhood!

Saw: Several yards with piles of pumpkins for sale, seniors in cute windbreakers mowing lawns, Horton's tree from Seussical, a VERY large Great Dane behind two sets of fences, the sun shining through bright yellow leaves.

Felt: Bugs hitting me in the face.

Heard: The squeaking of a backyard swingset being used by two kids (with an adult pushing), dogs, a bulldozer making a fingernail on chalkboard sound as it worked on Midtown Village.

Smelled: Chili powder (?), dryer sheets, that pollutiony smell Utah Valley sometimes gets.

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