Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sittin' Susan

See the bird in the picture? That is Susan, a nesting robin that has taken up residence in one of our trees. Astronerd first noticed Susan and thus named her. I understand a baby shower is in the works.

We have two apple trees and each is beloved to FHA. Every spring he carefully prunes the branches and faithfully sprays the trees through the summer. In the fall, we always get lots of yummy red and golden delicious apples and FHA starts cranking out the apple crisp. I am getting hungry just typing this.

Susan presents a problem. The problem is Susan is sitting in the middle of our golden delicious tree, much to FHA's dismay. If you look carefully, she has almost incorporated an apple into her nest. Eviction was out of the question, according to Astronerd. FHA agreed to let Susan stay through this clutch of babies. He is carefully spraying (far away from Susan-it is a wide tree) so we will get some worm-free apples.

Astronerd is excited to see the baby birds, but I am pretty sure she isn't any more excited than FHA. Different reasons, of course.

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