Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Grandmother's Sewing Machine

Today my cousin dropped off a sewing machine that has sat unused for the last 25 years. It belonged to my grandmother, who was an expert seamstress. The little, plucky Singer 401a circa 1960 looked a little dusty, but not too bad for its age. Its cabinet top looks a little bit rougher. The button holer's case looks like a pink spaceship. I saw on eBay I could sell the accessory case and owner's manual for as much as the machine. Hmmmm.

Ebay is not in this machine's future. I am going to try and find a good home for it so it can continue its life's journey. I realize the machine isn't alive, but the memories I have of its use are. My mother (an expert seamstress in her own right) hemming music camp clothes for me while on vacation at Grandmother's. My grandmother making my sister and I lined bathrobes for Christmas. In the middle of summer, while visiting, I would have to close my eyes and try on the "present". Grandmother would fit the robe to me, take it off and tell me to open my eyes. While I don't fit in it anymore, I still have that robe. My cousin remembers the Christmas Eve pajamas Grandmother would make for her and her siblings. They, too, would have to keep eyes closed. My cousin had to wear gloves the one time Grandmother made a velvet dress for her, so she wouldn't know the type of dress fabric being used.

Grandmother has been gone for 25 years, B and I each have our own machines and so it is time for this machine to find a new, loving home. Maybe I ought to include a blindfold.

UPDATE: The machine has found a new home. Its new owner is a dear friend, an excellent seamstress and is very excited to have a new vintage Singer.


  1. Those are very good memories, While reading that,it got my memory to start to flood My mom also use to make us girls close our eyes when there was a suprise garrment in the making. but never gloves. Very clever grandma you had. I will call you later.
    PS. How was the movie? Did it really look like your hometown?