Friday, September 28, 2007

Chocolate cake for my brain-yum!

As part of Orem's Big Read, I have begun reading My Antonia by Willa Cather. I am embarrassed to admit this is the first Willa Cather book I have read.

I am used to reading books rather quickly, but this one is a slower read for me and that is OK. I feel like it is literary double super duper chocolate cake. Cather's descriptions of the landscape and people are so good that it takes time for me to read and digest it all. Like cake, it is rich and I can only read 15-20 pages at a time before my brain says "Let's take a break so I can digest what was just read." My brain is happy and full, and as with chocolate cake, it will be ready for more in a little while.

Thankfully, calories aren't involved :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I like going to Fatcyclist . Not only am I old, but I have a few extra pounds. (Side note, it takes true courage for a woman who needs to lose 30 lbs to wear a wetsuit with the word ORCA on it. . . ) I have no idea if the site owner truly is fat. I have never met them, but I understand the site owner and his wife, Susan, are fellow Utahns. Susan is battling breast cancer (Go Susan!). Twin Six came out with a VERY cool jersey in support of Susan. I have been eyeing the jersey for a few months and finally ordered one. My husband will give it to me for Christmas (don't tell me I am the only wife in the world who buys some of her own Christmas presents). Support the cause and buy a jersey or some socks from Twin Six. These jerseys were featured in the October (on the cover) and November (Page 22 "With the Editor") issues of Bicycling Magazine.

Old Lady is out to lunch

I went out to lunch today with my cycling friends. The Spinster just got a new Orbea, like she needs to go faster. Now I REALLY won't be able to catch her. She did really well in her solo LOTOJA effort. Elbow Gash continues to improve in her triathlon times and AuntieK's coach has grounded her from her bike for a few more weeks and HATES being off her bike. Elbow Gash and AuntieK also did well in their LOTOJA relay.

I wanna do LOTOJA! Do they have an old lady division?