Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I like going to Fatcyclist . Not only am I old, but I have a few extra pounds. (Side note, it takes true courage for a woman who needs to lose 30 lbs to wear a wetsuit with the word ORCA on it. . . ) I have no idea if the site owner truly is fat. I have never met them, but I understand the site owner and his wife, Susan, are fellow Utahns. Susan is battling breast cancer (Go Susan!). Twin Six came out with a VERY cool jersey in support of Susan. I have been eyeing the jersey for a few months and finally ordered one. My husband will give it to me for Christmas (don't tell me I am the only wife in the world who buys some of her own Christmas presents). Support the cause and buy a jersey or some socks from Twin Six. These jerseys were featured in the October (on the cover) and November (Page 22 "With the Editor") issues of Bicycling Magazine.

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